Maison Halcyon...The Perfect place to relax
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We are an English Family that have for years wanted to make France our home, finally in 2016 we were able to make that dream a reality and we bought Maison Halcyon. We fell in love with the house and Gite the moment we saw it and the sun wasn't even shining!
Now its time to turn our dream in to reality......

UPDATE: We are 4 weeks off of our years anniversary of actually living in France. What an experience and an amazing life.
Our daughter is now fluent in French after being at school for just 9 months, she has made some lovely friends (all french) and life is good!

Coming from a family of hoteliers and having been in the hospitality industry for all of our working lives it seemed to make perfect sense to take our experience to another level and have the best of both worlds, the lifestyle we love in the country we dreamed of spending our lives..

Our Family

Our family is made up of 8, not all humans you'll be pleased to know!  There are the parents, us, Tara & Luke and the children, Tyler (19) and Tilly (11). Then there are the animals, we have Rafiki, our Labradoodle, we call her Fiki and she is very friendly and very gorgeous! Then there are the cats, Simba, Nala & Safire who can all be very cheeky and love affection (but also get the hint if you don't want them around!)  All of our animals are great and very placid around adults and children.

Animals & Music Welcome

We love animals and are dog friendly, if you have well behaved extended family you want to bring along please contact us.  Please note that all animals are subject to the usual vet checks etc when coming into and leaving the country.

We are also a musical family with Luke playing guitar, piano, harmonica and more so if you have an instrument you want to bring along and have a jam then please feel free!  Live acoustic music around the pool is always welcome.

Why Us?

Because we care...

We want everyone that stays at Maison Halcyon to have fond memories of our home.  

We aim to provide a home from home for our guests with the little extra finishing touches.

We provide you with a welcome pack so that you don't need to head straight to the shops when you arrive. You can upgrade your welcome pack at any time to add some extra bits and bobs.

We know that holidays are important to everyone, maybe the one or two weeks a year that you get away from the rat race. Maison Halcyon gives you the peace you need, along with the space for families to play and let off stew,. With beaches and sight seeing not too far away you can enjoy a day around the pool or out and about!